A great entry level license class is available for new entrants into the world of ham radio. Currently the most popular introductory Amateur Radio license, the Tech License has no Morse code requirement. The Tech license enables an operator to use the popular VHF bands.

A lot of operation in the 2 meter band is via Frequency Modulation (FM) two-way radios and utilize radio repeaters. With a tech license you can also communicate with other hams using computer data, television signals or even communicate through current ham Radio orbiting spacecraft. Operating on the VHF bands allows for all of these types of operation.

You can operate the VHF bands via a mobile station located in your car or a fixed station out of your home or simply using a hand held radio. Depending on your interests, all three of these modes of operation (mobile, fixed and hand held) are a great way to start out in radio. 2 meters is a very simple band to operate and offers a lot to the new ham.

So, study up and get ready to take your tech license amateur radio test today and get in on the fun on 2 meters, there are a lot of fellow hams operating today that are waiting to introduce you to the hobby of ham radio. Once you get your tech license you will soon find yourself ready to find the right radio and then the important decision of which antenna to buy.

If you know an amateur radio operator in your area, or an amateur radio club, you could find out if they are aware of any classes being offered to assist you in getting your license. Many radio clubs provide classes. In some locations, community colleges and other schools also provide license study classes. Getting a Knowing a local ham radio operator to mentor you would also prove helpful when you are setting up your first Amateur station and you need advice or assistance regarding antennas, and radio equipment, and operating. Become a ham today!

Source by Joseph E Johnson

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