Radioteletype (RTTY — often pronounced “Ritty” ) is a venerable data communication mode that remains in wide use today among radio amateurs. While RTTY does not support the features of newer computer-based data modes, it is well suited for keyboard to-keyboard chats with other stations. It is also the most popular mode for worldwide digital contests and remains in common use among DXers and DXpeditions. RTTY was originally designed for use with mechanical teleprinters, predating personal computers by several decades. Today, Amateur Radio RTTY uses soundcard-equipped computers and dedicated RTTY software.

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Frequency Modes/Activities

1.800-2.000 CW

1.800-1.810 Digital

1.810 QRP CW calling frequency

1.843-2.000 SSB, SSTV and other wideband modes

1.910 SSB QRP

1.995-2.000 Experimental

1.999-2.000 Beacons

3.500-3.510 CW DX window

3.560 QRP CW calling frequency

3.570-3.600 RTTY/Data

3.585-3.600 Automatically controlled data stations

3.590 RTTY/Data DX

3.790-3.800 DX window

3.845 SSTV

3.885 AM calling frequency

3.985 QRP SSB calling frequency

7.030 QRP CW calling frequency

7.040 RTTY/Data DX

7.080-7.125 RTTY/Data

7.100-7.105 Automatically controlled data stations

7.171 SSTV

7.285 QRP SSB calling frequency

7.290 AM calling frequency

10.106 QRP CW calling frequency

10.130-10.140 RTTY/Data

10.140-10.150 Automatically controlled data stations

14.060 QRP CW calling frequency

14.070-14.095 RTTY/Data

14.095-14.0995 Automatically controlled data stations

14.100 IBP/NCDXF beacons

14.1005-14.112 Automatically controlled data stations

14.230 SSTV

14.285 QRP SSB calling frequency

14.286 AM calling frequency

18.100-18.105 RTTY /Data

18.105-18.110 Automatically controlled data stations

18.110 IBP/NCDXF beacons

21.060 QRP CW calling frequency

21.070-21.110 RTTY/Data

21.090-21.100 Automatically controlled data stations

21.150 IBP/NCDXF beacons

21.340 SSTV

21.385 QRP SSB calling frequency

24.920-24.925 RTTY/Data

24.925-24.930 Automatically controlled data stations

24.930 IBP/NCDXF beacons

28.060 QRP CW calling frequency

28.070-28.120 RTTY/Data

28.120-28.189 Automatically controlled data stations

28.190-28.225 Beacons

28.200 IBP/NCDXF beacons

28.385 QRP SSB calling frequency (Technician class voice frequencies between 28.300 and 28.500 – (NO AM OR FM- SSB ONLY for Technician class!)

28.680 SSTV

29.000-29.200 AM

29.300-29.510 Satellite downlinks

29.520-29.580 Repeater inputs

29.600 FM simplex

29.620-29.680 Repeater outputs


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