A radio amateur and Puerto Rico Air National Guard member involved in hurricane recovery there died on May 2 when a Hercules C-130 aircraft crashed in Georgia, killing all aboard. Among the nine fatalities was Eric Circuns, WP4OXB, of Rio Grande, Puerto Rico. The cargo plane, attached to the Puerto Rico Air National Guard’s 156th Airlift Wing, went down shortly after takeoff while on a routine mission to Arizona.

“Eric had been part of this unit, and this aircraft had served during both hurricane Irma and Maria,” ARRL Southeastern Division Assistant Director and Assistant Puerto Rico SM Jose “Otis” Vicens, NP4G, said in a statement. “The people of Puerto Rico thank him for his service and ultimate sacrifice. He will be remembered.”

According to media accounts, the 60-year-old aircraft was under repair in Savannah before it took off. It had been used in several hurricane relief and recovery efforts and was reported to be on its way to Arizona to be decommissioned.

From  ARRL

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