NASA scientists are said to be increasingly concerned about space junk that threatens to collide with the International Space Station. They are even trying to decide if they should move the station into a somewhat lower orbit to reduce the danger of impact with the debris floating around up there.

Should a big enough piece of space junk hit the ISS, it could send the station — and those aboard it — plunging into the earth’s atmosphere, where it could burn up or break apart. Besides being a tragedy for the astronauts and a setback to scientific research, this could be disastrous for any place on earth that surviving pieces of the station happened to hit.

The Hopi Indians have an End Times prophecy that some connect with predictions for the year 2012. The prophecy describes a vision of a “blue star” that will fall to earth, causing create destruction. In some versions, this Hopi prophecy says a “house in the heavens” will fall, becoming a blue star in the process.

The Hopi Blue Star vision is as intriguing as it is chilling. The prognostications for the end-of-the-world events to happen in 2012, or during the remaining months leading up to that year, often include various signs in the sky. Most of these have to do with cosmic bodies such as planets, comets, and meteors. But certainly, a large man-made craft plunging to earth, all aflame, would be a spectacular sight — one that would be witnessed by hundreds of millions of people.

Is the International Space Station destined to play a role in the cataclysmic events foretold for the year 2012? There is no way to say for sure. But as you continue to watch the news for clues to the upheavals that lie ahead, don’t forget to keep one eye on the skies and heavens above.

Source by Jer Bosky

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