HAM radio, or amateur radio, is a unique way of connecting with people from all over the world with just a small radio. Some people use it to make new friends from around the world, while others tune in and listen for emergencies with which they can be of assistance. At the beginning of this radio technology, it was necessary to learn Morse code but today, users can simply speak and communicate with other users around the world.

Getting involved with HAM radio is really quite simple and can be done by almost anyone. The only things that are needed are a radio and a basic understanding of radio technology and operations.

These radio users are also required to pass an examination from the FCC before they are allowed to operate on frequencies known as Amateur Bands, which have been reserved for this purpose.

The people who use amateur radio, known as Hams, come from all over the world and all walks of life. Teenagers use it to play games with international friends just as often as housewives use it to connect with other women from around the globe. There are hams broadcasting that come from a wide array of geographical locations, socioeconomic groups and nationalities.

There are many reasons that someone may decide to get involved with HAM radio. For some, it is a social activity and they take part in local radio clubs. These clubs often hold “DX Contests,” where participants compete to get the most friends from the furthest away. With HAM radio, it is even possible to communicate with astronauts in space.

HAM radio is a fun and interesting hobby that allows users to connect with others from all corners of the globe. It is even possible to be a hero with this form of radio if a local emergency is detected. You just might find that you are first on the scene and that radio would possibly be the reason that a life was saved. If you want to try and reach as far as outer space from the comfort of home, try getting involved with HAM radio.

Source by Wes Hagan

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