Radio antennas are the devices that are used to send and receive radio signals. Radio waves cover only a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum, which is made up of waves with varying wavelengths. It consists of long strips of aluminum that changes radio waves, traveling at light speed, into electricity, which is then used to manipulate the electromagnetic field. Radio waves are caught in the air and then filtered into the circuit box.

Amateur Radio Antennas

If you look at the amateur antennas, you have a variety of options to choose from such as the vertical, antennas, antennas and quad antennas. The choice depends on various factors such as space limitations, budget constraints and frequency of operations.

You can construct an amateur antenna at your own. The easiest antenna to construct is the dipole antenna. You can make a simple dipole antenna using a pair of copper wires and insulators. Just string them between two pole sticks and start using them for receiving radio signals. It can also be constructed from metal tubing and they can be rotated to the right direction for the purpose of getting signals.

One of the very popular types of amateur antennas is the quad antenna. This type receives radio signals properly and it can be used even in low heights. Out of the many types of quad antennas, the most popular is the ham variety.

  Satellite  Radio Antennas

 Satellite  radio antennas broadcast radio waves from a space  satellite . The signal broadcast from space is caught and then sent out to smaller receivers. The signals captured from  satellite  radio antennas are usually between the 2 and 3 gigahertz (GHz) range. It offers more powerful transmission capabilities than the traditional ground-based and hence are a more preferred for radio broadcast.




Source by Dennis Moore Hopkins

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